Ralph Nisbet

Woodturning is my hobby, as is painting for Helenmary. We are selling some of the items we make to raise money for ME Research UK. 100% of the charity items will go to ME Research UK. My niece, Helenmary’s daughter suffers for ME. Please read Katrina’s story and see how it has affected her life.

I took up wood turning 20 years ago, but business, kids and rebuilding our farmhouse took all my time and I never pursued it. With more time on my hands now, I dug out my lathe, chisels etc, and got turning again. 

A lovely piece of turned wood, not only looks good, but feels and smells good. The feel of the wood is just as important as the design. It's the second thing, after looking at it, that people do, is feel it.

There must be something primal that we like to feel nature.

You can turn any piece of wood into a beautiful and useful item, from an expensive piece of Walnut to an old lump of fence post.

I love creating things in my workshop, from bowls to boxes. It is very relaxing and rewarding. All the items are unique and handmade.

All the wood I use is either re-claimed or off-cuts from joinery companies. I also use timber cut from friends and neighbours gardens.

Helenmary Attewell

I enjoyed art at school but it fell by the wayside when life got busy. I didn’t take it up until my daughter took ill and I was looking for creative outlet to help me cope with the upset of having a very poorly daughter. Having tried several mediums I have settled down to enjoy oil and pastel painting and have been lucky enough to sell some of my pictures to not just family! I am working on having an art studio built at the back of my garage so that I can make as much mess as I like. 

Hoping to continue & improve for years yet.

Copyright:- Ralph Nisbet. 

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